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Digital transformation in Retail evolves faster compared to other industries, this is why Mobile Technology invested into finding cutting-edge technologies with quantifiable results, aiming to provide retailers in Greece with a broad range of choices and opportunities. Depending on your needs, we utilize technologies ranging from conventional AIDC all the way to IoT and Robotics, while our comprehensive solutions cover business processes also extending from the supply chain to the customer service provided at the physical stores. 

Warehouse Inventory

E-commerce explosion boosted the volume of orders, as well as the need for increased accuracy and faster reflex in warehouse inventory. By combining ergonomically designed and ruggedized equipment with a user-friendly software application, you can increase your employees’ productivity and significantly reduce operating costs.
Find out more about Mobile Technology’s comprehensive Warehouse solution, which is based on AIDC technology and handheld terminals/ruggedized tablets.
Relative Mobile Technology’s technologies and products that might be of interest to you: Honeywell Voice RFID Handheld Terminals Bluetooth Scanners Industrial Printers

Shelf replenishment & Price Updates

With prompt shelf replenishment you get to meet your customers’ expectations and at the same time, make better use of your stock. Forgotten expired products and delayed orders of lacking codes are the nightmare of every retailer, while mismanagement and misdistribution of stock amongst the branches of a retail chain can also become extremely costly. Similarly, another time-consuming process that most Greek companies haven’t upgraded yet is the updating of prices on the shelves.
In Mobile Technology you will find both conventional and cutting-edge Technologies/Solutions to improve your instore processes: Honeywell Voice Electronic Shelf Labels RFID Handheld Terminals 

Checkout- Point of Sale

Waiting lines at checkout have always been the dicey stage of customer experience at retail stores, but when you manage to serve your customers without delays, plus offer them benefits, for example via loyalty schemes, your business also scores extra “points”. With a suitable user-friendly scanner, your personnel can easily scan all sorts of barcodes, even damaged ones, as well as coupons directly from the smartphone screens. For a fast checkout experience, choose from the wide range of specialized scanners that Mobile Technology has to offer: Barcode scanners  

Instore Sales

To increase sales, you need to maximize the promotion of your products and special offers.
Technology provides alternatives able to attract the attention of your customers and promote your advertising campaigns in the best possible way, multiplying your sales prospects.
Mobile Technology’s Solutions and Products that can help you boost your store’s profitability: Pepper NAO Electronic Shelf Labels   

Instore Customer Experience

Having a store that operates like a well-oiled machine doesn’t seem to be enough to meet the expectations of contemporary consumers.
To visit your physical store instead of shopping online or even at a competitor’s store, you need to provide your customers with additional motivation and innovative services.
Only if you manage to offer an attractive instore experience, they will prefer your store and even become an ambassador for your brand.
Mobile Technology’s Solutions and Products that will help you create a unique instore experience for your visitors: Pepper NAO Electronic Shelf Labels

Last Mile Delivery

Now you can manage your deliveries to customers inhouse and at the same time increase their speed to significantly enhance customer loyalty. Get your own lockers (KePol) and your dropp-offs/pick-ups will become automated and take place contactless, around the clock (24/7). Mobile Technology solution that you will find interesting: Smart Lockers

To find out more about the retail solutions provided by Mobile Technology, just contact one of our representatives.