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Digital/Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Overview

Contrary to conventional paper labels, electronic shelf labels are the key element to a holistic solution, including a cloud management platform. Digital labels are available in a variety of sizes, color combinations and technical specifications to cover the variant needs of retailers.

This innovative solution implements the digital transformation of business processes in retail, by utilizing the emerging Internet of things (IoT) technology. It enables the integration of consumer experience delivered by physical and online stores, while automating time-consuming processes, such as the update of prices in the shelves and eliminating human errors.

Solutions based on electronic shelf labels bring us a step closer to the Future Retail Store and they address retail market as a whole, including supermarkets, pharmacies, electronic stores, apparel & footwear etc. They exceed in meeting the needs and expectations created by omnichannel commerce, since their benefits expand to both the enterprises and the consumers.

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Detailed Benefits for your business

Detailed Benefits for your business
  • Unprecedented flexibility in frequent price changes, which enables the fast launching of new offers
  • Fully automated update of shelf prices in all branches in real-time, implemented from the company’s headquarters
  • Minimization of errors and absolute consistency between shelf and checkout prices
  • Option to monitor your shelves’ content in real time from your smartphone/laptop/tablet via the portal of the awarded Captana solution, which requires the installation of mini wireless cameras (Shelf-Eye)
  • Reduction of cost and time spent in printing and placing paper labels on the shelves


Benefits 2
  • Opportunity to utilize retail stores’ personnel in more productive tasks, like customer service
  • Prevention of product-pricing mismatch from accidental shifts in labels’ position
  • Easy product tracking via LED Flash
  • Optimization of stock management and prevention of losses, for example with products about to expire
  • Anti-theft and merchandizing compliance system


Benefits 3
  • Attractive presentation of products and offers, by displaying more information and colored images i.e. logos
  • Consistent, sleek and high-tech aesthetics in the store shelves, with the capability to align with the brand’s colors
  • Boost of in-store sales
  • Loyalty enhancement in existing customers and attraction of new ones
  • Footfall increase in physical stores
  • Data analytics


Benefits for contemporary consumers

  • Instore Digital Services

    Instore Digital Services

    Aligned instore and online consumer experience

  • Smart Shopping

    Smart Shopping

    Direct access to all updated product info e.g. customer reviews, relevant comments on social media, availability etc. as uploaded on the store’s website/e-shop, enabling faster and better-informed purchases on the spot, with the simple activation of NFC on their smartphone

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    Enhanced Customer Service

     Faster and improved customer service at the physical store