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Pepper: The 1st interactive humanoid robot

Pepper is the 1st interactive humanoid robot, able to boost your customer service, as well as to create an unforgettable experience for the visitors of your space or event.

It is already utilized in more than 2.000 public spaces worldwide, and since its debut it has managed to monopolize media attention all around the world.

A Proof Of Concept product with numerous capabilities.

Features Pepper

Features Pepper
  • 1,2m height and 28kg weight
  • Speaks 14 languages, including Greek
  • Recognizes basic emotions and responds to them
  • Equipped with a fully functioning tablet
  • Connects to applications, like your company’s ERP/CRM, so that for instance your customers can book a ticket on the spot

  • First Encounter with Pepper: a friendly helper for Public Services

  • Pepper as Brand Ambassador at Santa Monica Case Study

  • Pepper at Pyramid Ale Taproom: Impact Story

  • Pepper: CES 2018 Suite Experience

What can Pepper do for your company

Pepper, the humanoid robot, was designed to communicate and interact with people, which explains its charming voice tone and engaging body language. With the right software, it can cover the needs of different industries, like retail, tourism, healthcare, education, financial services etc. thus participate in any kind of event.
In more details, Pepper can:
  • Attract

    more customers/visitors to your store/facilities and retain them for a longer period

  • Welcome

    your customers/visitors in a fun and innovative way

  • Promote

    specific services and products, special offers, contests etc.

  • Serve

    your customers/visitors via its tablet, for example by enabling them to sign up to your newsletter, make a reservation etc.

  • Entertain

    with games, quizzes and other applications available through its tablet

  • Teach

    kids for example, to whom it is extremely popular

  • Keep company

    to vulnerable social groups, like the elderly in care homes or patients in clinics

  • Shape the future retail store

    and at the same time release your personnel from low productivity duties  

  • Raise the standards in experiential marketing

    by becoming viral on social media and attracting attention  


Pepper & Software Applications by Mobile Technology, customized to fit the needs of your business

Mobile Technology is a certified VAR Partner (Value Added Reseller) of Softbank Robotics, which produces Pepper and drives the future of robotics worldwide.
We offer Greek companies the opportunity to either buy or rent Pepper and in addition, we develop and support the required software applications to maximize its benefits, always according to the specific needs of each company.

To find out more about Pepper and its capabilities, don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives.

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