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Warehouse performance is vital for the sustainability of businesses and defined by the accuracy and speed of its inventory management. For a complete overview of merchandize location and movements within your warehouse, you need a specialized and easy-to-use application, easily integrated to your ERP combined with resistant and reliable equipment for your employees.
Mobile Technology’s experience in designing, installing and fully supporting warehouse solutions is extensive, including more than 900 warehouses nationally. Our know-how has been certified by the top international manufacturers and the products that we use are fully compatible with CISCO’s security protocols. In addition, our application (available for Windows Mobile & Android) supports various connectivity options, for example via Microsoft SQL Server, plus it is compatible with all existing WMS, by supporting ASCII files’ import/export.

Mobile Technology’s Warehouse solution provides the following capabilities:

• Order/Delivery execution based on the list of products and quantities registered in your system
• Record of products coming in and out of your warehouse
• Warehouse inventory with the option to record products’ exact location
• Matching barcodes with product categories, plus capability to match multiple barcodes with packages
• Price checking (on shelves)
• Barcode labels printing
• Record of products’ LOT number 

How can your business benefit from Mobile Technology’s Warehouse solutions:

• Reduction of mistakes arising, for example from manual data entering
• Limitation of losses i.e. from expired products
• Improvement of warehouse business processes
• Productivity increase
• Accurate system update regarding sales, receiving of goods, stock and returns
• Inventory management optimization
• Decrease of under stocking and over stocking
• Profitability growth via the best possible inventory management implementation
• Timely customer service and supply
• Securing your relationship with the end consumer/customer, by providing excellent quality products

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