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Mobile Technology was one of the first Greek companies to invest in RFID technology and contribute to its popularity in the Greek market, by delivering related projects.
Being a constantly evolving technology, it managed to remain a timely choice for companies aiming at the digital transformation of their processes.

RFID solutions utilize readers, antennas and tags, while the latter’s ability to transfer significantly more data about items compared to barcodes, signifies a distinctive characteristic of this technology.
RFID tags, in particular, include a complete circuit and an antenna transferring data to an RFID reader, which in turn converts the radiofrequencies received into a manageable data format.
Next, the information collected by tags is transferred to the host system via a communication interface and stored in a data base to be analyzed in real time or batch. RFID tags are available in a variety of dimensions, shapes and materials, depending on the needs of the intended application.

Another advantage of RFID technology is that it liberated users from the need to scan every individual object separately, as well as from the limitation to keep these objects in their line of sight.
In addition, RFID managed to implement stock inventory automation, while updating the host system regarding the products’ exact location.
Moreover, the range of RFID readers has been expanded and the available RFID tag materials have been improved, surpassing the initial restrictions of this technology. Plus, specialized management platforms have been developed, enabling easy data per item integration (Item Intelligence) both into existing host systems and consumer applications.

RFID solutions can transform a series of business processes in supply chain, retail, healthcare, industrial environments, air transportation and other sectors.
Indicative examples include: Inventory, Asset Management, Asset tracking, Pallet identification, control access and people tracking within specified spaces etc.

How can your business benefit by adopting RFID technology

• Accuracy and productivity in terms of deliveries
• Efficient overview of production
• Optimization of inventory control and supplies
• Inventory reduction
• Timely detection and utilization of non-moving products
• Decrease of product returns and recalls
• Effective management of the “out of stock” phenomenon
• Better use of human resources in more productive tasks
• Remarkable productivity boost
• Full transparency in business processes
• Improved customer experience via applications that contain valuable information per product
• Access to merchandise and consumer behavior data

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