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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is still in an early stage and it operates with the use of specialized smart glasses. It is intended mainly for warehouse business processes (picking and packing), as it displays all relevant information that the users need to complete a task in their visual field. In essence, it creates an assisted reality environment, providing necessary visual data the right time at the right place.

For example, AR technology can transform the picking process into a visual picking one; by using visual indications it informs users/pickers how many items they need to place and where, as well as the remaining number of picks they have to complete in real time.

Even from the pilot stage, one can see that AR technology can be further enhanced, when combined with Voice technology, which has already proven its efficiency especially in the picking process. Users, in particular, can maximize their productivity when guided by visual data and signs, combined with voice commands, while having the ability to respond verbally.

The smart glasses used are lightweight and come in many different variations. Depending on the specs, there are models compatible with Android, equipped with a built-in camera (e.g. to take pictures of packaging as proof of quality) or even with a barcode scanner (to read barcodes, given that they have the necessary software).

Advantages of Augmented Reality technology

• Increase in productivity, as it frees users’ hands – for example it eliminates the need to carry handheld terminals and insert data
• Higher speed in the completion of tasks, since the information that users need is literally and automatically presented in front of their eyes
• Reduction of errors, because users are visually and accurately guided
• Faster personnel training, due to the fact that the human brain absorbs visual information at a rate of 80%
• Wide acceptance and adoption of AR from the personnel, as it makes their job easier
• Easy integration with similarly ergonomic, complementary devices, like ring scanners, in order to scan items in places with bad lighting or hard to access

If you want to find out more about the capabilities of Augmented Reality technology, please contact one of our representatives.

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