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Voice Technology

With approximately 1.000.000 users in 60 countries, Honeywell Voice Technology has conquered the global DC market, contributing to $20B+ savings per year. In Greece, Mobile Technology has already designed and installed several voice related projects, while being certified as a Platinum Partner.
Voice solutions include hardware (ergonomically designed headsets & wearable mobile terminals), as well as advanced software that fully utilizes “text-to-speech” and “automatic speech recognition” functionalities. Honeywell’s software supports 41 languages and provides users with specific instructions, for example regarding picking locations and the tasks they need to implement, step by step.

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Your personnel will no longer need to check on the screen of a handheld terminal and type data, nor to keep notes based on a checklist. Now they can focus only on following the oral instructions given to them and verbally confirm to the mic of their headset, once a step has been completed. Next, Honeywell Voice software will convert this verbal information into data and transfer them to your company’s host system, updating it in real time (and vice versa).

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Honeywell Voice technology can be applied very successfully in various business processes, like picking, stock replenishment, receiving, put-away, cycle counting, maintenance and inspection (M&I).
It is easily integrated to all host systems (ERP, WMS, customized SAP, Microsoft 360 etc.), plus its Voice SDK enables the development of Android applications in other devices, which might be equipped with a keyboard or scanner, so that users can combine them with Honeywell Voice hardware.

Amongst the numerous emerging technologies of 4th industrial Revolution, Honeywell Voice solution is still considered to be one of the most effective for DC, as it delivers fast and measurable results:

  • Productivity increase by 10-35%

  • Accuracy maximization up to 99.99%

  • Human errors minimization up to 50%

  • Training time reduction up to 50%

  • Fast ROI

  • Better user experience and wide acceptance from employees

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  • Get Clients to Love your Customer Service with Honeywell Voice

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