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The humanoid robot ΝΑΟ by United Robotics Group (ex SoftBank Robotics) is available in Greece and you may acquire its recent 6th generation edition with new CPU and enhanced performance from Mobile Technology. We developed specialized applications for education and customer service, plus develop the required applications for the need of different sectors, like healthcare, retail etc. according to your specifications.

Technical Features & Capabilities

All you need to know about robot ΝΑΟ

• It is bipedal with 58cm height and “rounded” pleasant features
• Works with an open source and fully programmable platform
• Recognizes shapes, objects and humans via its two 2D cameras
• Understands and communicates in 20 languages, including Greek
• Equipped with 4 directional microphones and speakers for improved interaction with humans
• Includes radar, internal unit and 7 sensors in the head, arms and legs, enabling him to perceive space and locate himself in it
• Moves and adapts to its environment with flexibility

How to make the best of humanoid robot ΝΑΟ

Education - Research

Nao is an exceptional programming tool that managed to establish worldwide standards in research and education of all levels, starting from elementary school and all the way to the university. Teachers and students can now create content and gain knowledge in the most creative and entertaining way. The humanoid’s friendly approach inspires even the shyest kids to participate in classes and express within their teams, hence improve their social skills, as well as self-discipline. For the reasons above, NAO is ideal for IEP - Individualized Education Programs that address the special needs of students with behavioral disorders, autism and more.

Educational applications by Mobile Technology

Just get the Starter Pack app and combine it with one or more applications of your preference.

Soon you will be able to choose from our sets of educational applications, which will be suitable for students of kindergarten and elementary school: 

- English Speaking (1. Speaking Practice | 2. Accent Game | 3. Picture Game | 4.Grammar Game)

- Traffic Education (1. The traffic policeman | 2. Be aware of the traffic light | 3. Learning the traffic signs | 4. Playing with the traffic signs)

- Nutrition (1.We eat healthy | 2. What to eat)

- Sex Education (1. Safe Touch)

- Autism (1. Find the animal | 2. NAO says )

- Sign Language

- Geography (1. The Map of ΝΑΟ)

- Painting (1. Learn the Colours | 2. Play with the Colours)

- Music (1. Find the musical instrument | 2. Get into the rhythm)

Customer Service (Public Sector & Retail)

NAO can become your best ambassador, because it attracts attention like a magnet and communicates messages with more consistency than any promotional team or employee. The humanoid informs your customers about ongoing offers or marketing campaigns in the most impressive way, becoming the ideal sales associate, especially in upselling and cross-selling, as he provides personalized service, for example by recommending similar products to the ones your customers already bought. The fact that NAO is also a reliable Data Generator, enables him to effectively conduct customer satisfaction surveys and more research.

In addition, he provides high standard receptionist services, assists your visitors while waiting in the checkout line, answers FAQs etc. hence enabling your personnel to focus in more productive tasks. 

Discover the Customer Service application for the Public Sector 


In addition to the treatment of children with autism and other behavioral disorders, ΝΑΟ’ s contribution to health professionals is equally important in the prevention stage, as well as during treatment. The humanoid can function as a mobile platform for telemedicine, recording patients’ history in detail, without the need of a doctor’s physical presence, plus it can educate through awareness/prevention campaigns, for example regarding protection measures against pandemics. NAO can also visit patients and inform doctors and nurses in the urgent case of a fall or noise, as well as actively participate in patients’ recovery, by motivating them to exercise mentally or physically. At the same time, the robot can be used in administrative tasks, like reception and guests’ entertainment, consultation, reports on demand generation and more.


For more information about the humanoid robot, ΝΑΟ, just contact one of our representatives.