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Automatic Identification and Data Capturing (AIDC) has been the dominant technology in supply chain industry for the last 50 years. It enables item identification, as well as the collection, storage and automated import of related data in the host system of each business. In most cases the widely spread AIDC technology operates without the need for human intervention; whenever required, it includes the scanning of items bearing barcodes or the manual input of electronic data into mobile computer systems.

Information regarding each item/product, also known as identification data, comes in different formats, like images, voice or fingerprints. These data are converted into digital files, before their import into the host system. Stored files are analyzed by the computer and compared to other database files, creating a secure access system.

Solutions that deploy Automatic Identification and Data Capturing technology follow the process below:

Data Encoding – At this stage alphanumeric characters take a form that can be read by devices
Barcode Scanning via devices – Each device’s scanner reads encoded data and converts them into electric signals
Decoding Data – Electric signals are then transformed into digital data, which will later be converted into alphanumeric characters

Other more evolved forms of AIDC technology: RFID Voice

As of 2003, when Mobile Technology was founded, the company specializes in developing, installing and technically supporting projects based on AIDC technologies. Our expertise is further confirmed by the size and dynamics of the companies that choose our services, as well as by the certifications we have acquired from the top international manufacturers. Our solutions include, but are not limited to: Warehouse Proof of Delivery Ex-Van Order Entry Field Service

In Mobile Technology you will also find a great variety of hardware in competitive prices: Handheld Terminals Rugged Tablets Label/Receipt Printers Barcode Scanners etc.