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Proof of Delivery

In the omnichannel commerce era, efficient overview and management of deliveries is more vital than ever before for any 3PL or other company providing courier and transportation services. It is make it or break it, as they will either fully satisfy their customers or endanger their brand reputation. By accurately recording all data required and updating their host system in real time, businesses in this industry get access to all the information needed to optimize their routes and promptly replenish their fleet. At the same time, they can drastically decrease possible mistakes resulting from delayed communication between their employees, limit delays caused by the need to follow-up and minimize potential losses. The result is faster deliveries with enhanced customer service.

Mobile Technology has delivered the biggest Proof Of Delivery projects in the Greek market, including design, installation and full technical support of the comprehensive solutions implemented.
We provide specialized equipment from the top international manufacturers in competitive prices, combined with a user-friendly POD application that enables multiple connectivity to your ERP (available in Windows Mobile and shortly, in Android).

Our extensive experience in covering the needs of companies in the postal, courier, express and parcel (CEP) sector includes advanced support services, for example Mobile Technology’s Call Center which is operating on a 24/7 basis.

With Mobile technology’s POD solution you get the following capabilities

• Automated recording of data via GPS, including deliveries’ time, place and routes followed
• Confirmation of product/parcel deliveries by incorporating the recipients’ signature capture
• Option to take photos as evidence, for example in cases where parcels are damaged and therefore recipients do not accept them
• Ability to print a product’s delivery receipt, including the recipient’s full contact details and signature
• Recording of employees’ transactions and on the spot printing of proof
• Automated update of host system upon deliveries’ completion in real time
• Overview of scheduled deliveries per customer
• Printing of comprehensive reports
• Option to scan products with barcodes (whether predefined or not)

Benefits of Proof Of Delivery solutions

• Recording of all deliveries’ related data from your mobile employees
• Automated update of your host system
• Route optimization and timely fleet replenishment
• Radical reduction of potential errors
• Limitation of delays caused by the need to follow up
• Cost saving due to the improvements on your business processes
• Faster deliveries and enhanced customer service

To find out more, just contact one of our representatives. 

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