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Ex-Van/Order Entry

Central systems of companies, whose employees make deliveries or off-premises sales/transactions, should always be up-to-date in real time. Equally important is the immediate and secure access of mobile workers to the company’s data, since their productivity is dependent on it.

Mobile Technology designs, installs and supports fully comprehensive solutions that cover the business processes of route accounting and/or order entry, addressing the needs of companies that produce and distribute food, beverages, dairy and other such products. We support the largest fleet of installed sales force automation solutions nationally and our clientele includes businesses with the largest market share in their sector.

In particular, we provide resistant and specialized equipment from the top manufacturers worldwide in competitive prices, combined with a user-friendly application that connects with all available ERP-Backoffice systems in high speed, allowing the import and export of ASCII files (available in Windows Mobile and Android).

With Mobile Technology’s comprehensive solution for Route accounting and/or Order Entry you can do the following:

• Use one device for multiple salespeople (unique login per user)
• Overview of routes, information about trucks’ exact location and directions via GPS
• Support scheduled, as well as on-the-spot customer visits
• View customers within a predefined radius
• Issue invoices (and cancel them)
• Insert comments in invoices (even per line)
• Print invoices via Bluetooth
• Limit available types of invoices per customer
• Issue invoices with tax notice via 3G network
• Register, edit and delete orders
• Use predefined orders for invoicing
• Import products from a list via search or barcode scanning (option for weight and quantity barcodes)
• Multiple barcodes per category/Barcode packages
• Select goods according to their category
• Return products (damaged or not, sold either via direct or indirect sales channels)
• Issue aggregate invoices or credit notes
• Asset inventory (for example by scanning fridges)
• Print aggregate reports (movement of goods, warehouse, cash desk, scheduled customer visits that were not implemented)
• Collect cash and checks recording bank information
• Support of various pricelists, discounts and offers/gifts
• Built in support of indirect sales
• Record transactions whether in cash, check or credit card
• Option to refuse sale to a customer, for example if he is not up-to-date with his financial obligations (credit check) 

Mobile Technology’s Route Accounting (Ex-Van)/Order Entry solution provides you with the following benefits:

• Optimization of route scheduling, by saving time from repeated routes that could be avoided
• Faster and more complete deliveries of merchandize, hence improved customer service
• Better stock management of your vehicles/trucks, implemented by your own drivers
• Cost reduction due to limiting human manual mistakes or merchandize losses
• Productivity increase for your mobile employees, by automating their tasks
• Releasing your in-house employees from the need to continuously update their mobile colleagues

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