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Electronic Shelf Labels

The most reliable and widely-recognized Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) solution is developed by VusionGroup (ex SES – Imagotag) and is already being used by 350 companies and 35.000 stores worldwide.

The “recipe for success”, also applied by Mobile Technology, which is the official representative of SES-Imagotag in Greece and Cyprus, includes the following hardware and software:

“New generation” Electronic Shelf Labels

They function as micro web pages that display omnichannel data to both your personnel and customers - thus, aiding your employees in their everyday tasks and creating a unique experience for your visitors.

By combining low consumption infrastructure (Internet of Things-IoT) with high-resolution color labels, sensors, active NFC, LED-flashing, high-velocity data transfer and other advanced technology options, ESL solutions result in multiple gains, including: automated update of prices and flexibility in their management, optimization of shelf replenishment and fast detection of out-of-stock products, enhanced customer engagement by providing them digital services while still in store and more.

Combine with the awarded Captana Solution 

The electronic shelf labels of VusionGroup can be combined with the Captana solution, allowing you to monitor your shelves’ content in real time from the screen of your smartphone/laptop/tablet. Captana solution requires the installation of mini wireless cameras (Shelf-Eye) and gives you access to valuable store data via the Captana portal within seconds.

Benefits of the Captana Solution:

• Both your personnel and your suppliers (optional) can receive notifications and forecasts regarding the sales and shortages of specific products
• Accurately locate misplaced products
• Collect product information, like expiration date, country of origin, manufacturer etc. so that you can schedule your orders efficiently
• Solve emerging issues via the mobile app, by making the most of the electronic shelf labels functions, for example flashing, product categories and more
• Effectively coordinate vital retail processes (shelves and store replenishment, inventory management)

Vusion Retail - cloud IoT management platform

It ensures that your infrastructure is optimally utilized and that your store’s devices are always up-to-date and ready for use. This specialized platform guarantees the dynamic update of prices, as well as the implementation of your marketing strategy, with synchronized pricing and promotional activities based on your store’s data.

Display Manager/Studio/Manager – The core of Vusion solution

Display Manager’s interface allows you to control prices and promotional activities, so that everything is synchronized both
online and instore. The user-friendly platform i.e. Studio, enables you to swiftly create special offers and therefore fully utilize the capabilities of ESL solution. Manager, the ultimate management tool, provides you with a total overview of your branches/stores, ensuring consistency in pricing and brand identity.

High-standard wireless network

In cooperation with top network manufacturers, like Cisco, Aruba and Extreme Networks, a reliable solution has been developed, which can be applied to any store, regardless of its infrastructure. It allows for the fast upgrade of labels’ firmware and swift rollouts, while reducing the need for maintenance, thus giving you the opportunity to deploy your staff in more productive tasks.

Click here for a more in-depth analysis of the benefits and capabilities of ESL solutions or contact one of our representatives to find out more.

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