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Smart Lockers

With the Smart Lockers' solution, drop-offs and pick-ups become contactless and take place with no time restrictions, on a 24/7 basis. This comprehensive solution includes the specially designed KePol lockers and software, which integrate easily into the supply chain of companies in the courier, retail, logistics, laundry, even ready meals delivery markets. By utilizing the potential of Smart Lockers' solution, businesses can speed up their Last Mile Delivery and effectively deal with the current problems caused by the pandemic, as well as with the pre-existing challenges of omnichannel commerce.

KePol Lockers’ Technical Characteristics

• variety of available configurations and layouts, meeting the needs of a wide range of parcels-goods
• flexibility in removing and/or adding lockers, according to the everchanging business needs
• ability to install both in indoor and outdoor locations
• high durability (for example against vandalisms, graffiti, extreme temperatures of -10°C and more)
• integrated alarm system
• accessible to people with special needs
• 10-year guarantee

KePol Software – Basic Features

• easy integration to the ERP/host system of the customer
• complete control of access to the lockers, by providing codes to specific people (deliverer and recipient) for limited time
• real time management of the lockers’ content to further protect it, plus to use its capacity in the best possible way
• ability to pay at pick-up, by connecting with POS and issuing the respective receipt

Smart Lockers' Solution – Benefits for your business

• faster deliveries
• decrease of supply chain costs
• maximization of security for parcels-products
• optimization of first and last mile delivery management
• ability to manage last mile deliveries inhouse (for companies that use courier services)
• improvement of customer service and enhancement of customer royalty
• differentiation from competition

Why choose the solution of KEBA AG, offered by Mobile Technology

The comprehensive Smart Lockers' solution, provided by Mobile Technology, was created by the Austrian company, KEBA AG and has been used successfully since 2001 in companies, like DHL (courier), Swiss Post (courier, laundry services and label printing), Spar (F & B), AlzaBox (electronics), Quadient (logistics) etc. It is considered the most reliable solution in its category within Europe, while more than 15.000 KePol lockers have been installed all over the world until this day. By using the extensive experience and expertise of KEBA AG, Mobile Technology is able to design, install and technically support this solution in Greece and Cyprus, aiming to the digital transformation of first and last mile delivery of businesses in Greece, at a crucial timing for the economy.

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