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Logistics is undoubtedly the core of every business, as well as a reliable indicator of the market’s pulse. Challenges remain the same, whether we are talking about companies delivering logistics services via outsourcing (3PL & 4PL) or about commercial/ manufacturing companies handling their own storage and shipping. On one hand, there is increase in consumer expectations and on the other, there is a vital need to decrease cost per item, increase competitiveness and save resources. Technology with its potential has always been -and still remains- logistics’ most credible ally in achieving the above goals.

Warehouse / Distribution Center

To track and control merchandize location and movements, as well as manage related data fast and accurately, we provide a comprehensive Warehouse solution; it combines a user-friendly application with resistant equipment for your personnel, such as handheld terminals, Bluetooth scanners and industrial printers.
For further productivity increase and the transformation of picking process into voice picking, we provide Honeywell Voice solution and the accompanying voice directed hardware, while for the Last Mile Delivery enhancement we deliver Smart Lockers' solution.

Other innovative technologies: Vision Picking RFID Autonomous Mobile Robots

Cold Storage

Apart from the controlled environmental conditions required for its operations, Cold Storage faces the same needs and challenges with the rest of the logistics ecosystem. For commercial companies and 3PL in this sector, we provide suitable equipment, designed to remain fully functional during extreme environmental conditions.


To learn more on how you can transform your warehouse – logistics business processes, contact one of our representatives.

Other Mobile Technology’s solutions include: Route Accounting Order entry Proof of Delivery