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Software Applications

As of 2003, when Mobile Technology’s was founded, we have had the opportunity to cooperate with all WMS/ERP software development companies in Greece and continue to do so with great success until today, by providing reliable equipment and full technical support services.

Mobile Technology’s specialized software applications are available either stand-alone or as part of our comprehensive solutions. They enable mobile employees to manage data coming in and out of their company’s host system and have been designed according to the needs of the following Supply Chain business processes: Warehouse Route Accounting Order Entry Proof of Delivery Field Service Spare Parts Mobile Management 

Our software applications are compatible with all popular ERP systems in the Greek market, as they are based on the exchange of data via ASCII, xml etc. files. They are available in Windows Mobile and Android, plus you can easily combine them with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), in order to save costs and enjoy more benefits.

If you wish to find out more about our software applications, just contact one of our representatives.