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Spare Parts Mobile Management

Having the spare part you need, when you need it, is crucial for shipping companies that wish to ensure the seamless navigation of their fleet and avoid unnecessary costs. Given that ships have limited storage space and specific courses to follow, it is imperative that recording, orders and therefore deliveries of the spare parts required are fulfilled effortlessly and in a timely manner.

Since 2003, Mobile Technology has been transforming supply chain, by developing, installing and technically supporting customized solutions, depending on the needs of each company and industry. The Spare Parts Mobile Management solution we offer includes resistant and specialized equipment from the top international manufacturers, as well as a user-friendly software application, which is easily connected to the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) of shipping companies (available in Windows Mobile and shortly, in Android).

Mobile Technology’s Spare Parts Mobile Management solution offers you the following capabilities:

• Complete overview of available types and quantities onboard
• Easy tracking of spare parts’ location
• Taking inventory of stock and locations effortlessly
• Fast recording of the spare parts used
• Instant confirmation of the spare parts’ delivery onboard

How can your company benefit from the Spare Parts Mobile Management solution of Mobile Technology:

• Retention of low stock
• Reduction of transportation and storage cost
• Limitation of human errors and omissions during inventory
• Faster repairs/replacements, plus prevention of significant damages
• Performance maximization for your equipment
• Quality maintenance of the customer service you deliver


For more information regarding the capabilities of this solution, contact one of our representatives.