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Hardware Service

Since its inception in 2003, Mobile Technology has focused in providing the highest standard of technical support services, by investing in the continuous education of its personnel. Our engineers consistently participate in training courses and seminars held at the premises of our partners who also happen to be the top hardware manufacturers worldwide. Due to our dedication in the holistic coverage of our customers’ technical needs, Mobile Technology emerged as the number one choice in the support and repair services of AIDC equipment. Mobile Technology is located in Athens and operates as an Authorized Repair-Service Center for Honeywell, Honeywell Voice, Zebra, Bixolon, Bluebird, Datalogic, Handheld, Point Mobile and KEBA AG. In addition, we provide a wide range of peripherals and consumables, as well as quality warranties that secure your investment on hardware and ensure the seamless flow of your business processes.

Based on latest years’ data, our average repairs per year rises up to 4.500 devices, while we support more than 130 companies via SLAs (Service Level Agreement).
Our experienced engineers specialize in handheld terminals, PDAs, tablets, wireless networks, receipt and label printers, barcode scanners, etc. At the same time, they are equipped with a different diagnostic tool for each manufacturer, in order to successfully deliver any kind of repair, regardless of its complexity.

In particular, our technical support services include the following:


- Survey to analyze your needs and maximize the performance of your equipment

- Installation of the equipment required at your premises

- Maintenance able to prevent damages and secure your productivity

- After sales support by guiding your employees on technical matters and optimizing your hardware’s operation

- Repairs that resolve technical problems with speed and efficiency

- The online platform Support Hub, which allows you to check the status of your repairs in real time, as well as to contact our technical team for support via ticketing

- Smart lockers right outside our offices, so that you can drop off/pick up your equipment contactless and regardless of our working hours (24/7)

At Mobile Technology we give you the option to choose between on call support and Service Level Agreement.

1) On call support

You can reach us via the Support Hub platform or by telephone/fax/e-mail in order to report and describe your technical issue. Next, we will send you an offer in writing and once you accept it, you can send us your hardware for repair. Alternatively and upon arrangement, one of our experienced technicians could visit your premises to repair your equipment on site.

2) Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For access to additional technical support services, priority and lower rates, contact us, and together we will create the SLA that best fits your needs. Read more

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