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Future Retail Store

To meet the multiple challenges presented to retailers during the omnichannel commerce era, we offer specialized marketing innovation solutions that implement the required digital transformation of your business processes.
The state-of-the-art products that we provide to the Greek market revolutionize the operation of retail stores and are already successfully used by the largest retail chains worldwide.
These products allow you to create a coherent consumer experience for the visitors of your online and physical store, thus offer a unique instore experience that will increase foot traffic and therefore sales.

In Mobile Technology you will find marketing innovation products that can help you create a Future Retail Store: Pepper NAO Electronic Shelf Labels   

12+1 Benefits of Mobile Technology’s Marketing Innovation Solutions for Retail

• Customer experience upgrade
• Retailtainment – entertainment of physical stores’ visitors
• Instant and personalized customer service
• Customer loyalty
• Attraction of new customers and prolonged stay in store
• Creative and targeted promotion and sampling
• Increase in turnover and profits
• Creation of a coherent consumer experience for the visitors of both your digital and physical store
• Enhancement of brand awareness and positioning
• Brand-Consumers interaction through a “special experience”
• More opportunities for customer engagement with your store/brand via social media sharing, positive reviews etc.
• Implementation of multiple marketing activities and easy adaptation according to your targets – e.g. contests, games, promotion of special offers, launch of new products etc.
• Differentiation from competition

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