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Courier Services

Courier companies around the world are being called to measure up to the ever-increasing volume of orders, following the e-commerce explosion. There is no margin for errors or delays, while the expectations of both the consumers and partnering companies are high, requiring full transparency and validation for the status of each shipment.

Our expertise in identifying and addressing the needs of the courier market can be further confirmed by the fact that Mobile Technology has undertaken the development and support of the most significant and demanding POD projects in Greece.
Find out more about the comprehensive and specialized Proof of Delivery solution of Mobile Technology, which includes a user-friendly software application and a wide range of hardware for your employees. Another solution you should know about is Smart Lockers, which can be combined with software, enabling drop-offs and pick-ups to take place contactless and around the clock (24/7).  

If you need more information on our solutions and their capabilities, contact one of our representatives.

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