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Interactive experiences via Touch Screens

Touch screens are now an integral part of our everyday life, since almost everyone owns a smartphone and therefore is also able to use a touch screen with ease at work or during a transaction at a store. It is no surprise that a new touch screen is being installed around the world every 21 seconds, whether in an office, public service, bank, hospital, retail store etc. Whenever there is a need to inform, communicate and interact, touch screens can prove quite beneficial for both employees and customers/visitors.

With touch screens, you can create a phygital experience for your visitors, able to meet even the most demanding expectations of Omni-shoppers/Millennials. Touch screens give you the opportunity to provide self-service digital services and promote your messages in the most attractive way. Use them to enhance interaction with your visitors/customers, as well as increase sales of products and services. At the same time, touch screens are an intuitive tool that increases your employees’ productivity and reduces human errors.

Just choose the right screen size and make the most of it, by adding or removing peripherals (for example barcode scanners, NFC-RFID readers etc.)


  • Self-service Boot Finder kiosk at Boot Barn retail chain

  • Video Case Study on the Elo Touch Screens soultion at DeRoyal

  • Elo Video Case Study - Toyota Car Dealership

How to effectively use Touch Screens in Retail, Healthcate etc.

How to effectively use Touch Screens in Retail, Healthcate etc.
  • Digital Signage of the store
  • Promotion of special product offers
  • Better instore promotion of the brand or campaigns
  • Self-Checkout
  • Online orders within the physical stores
  • Price Checker
  • More product details available, in case the customer wishes to check, while instore
  • Gift Lists


How to embody touch screens in Healthcare
  • Self-service check-in and payments for patients
  • Track record of medical history, doctor’s observations etc. within the patients’ rooms
  • Management of doctors’ availability
  • Control of visitors and temperature check
  • Surveys on patients’ satisfaction or on other topics
  • Faster and more efficient procedures on data exchange related to patients
  • Promotion of selected services or awareness campaigns
  • More detailed information regarding the patients’ progress and therefore better compliance with the doctors’ recommendations
  • Decrease of wait times and improvement of patients’ care


Elo Touch Screens and why to get them from Mobile Technology

In Mobile Technology, we promote the touch screens of Elo; a company with more than 40 years of expertise in this field, +400 international patents and 25.000.000 installed touch screens in 80 countries. More specifically, we provide, install and support touch screens and their accompanying software, plus develop/support independent software and web applications (Android & Windows), when required.

To find out more, contact one of our representatives.

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