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Asset Tracking

Corporate fixed Assets are part of businesses’ property but can only add real value, when their management is based on complete and accurate data. The ability to locate fixed assets close to real time and easily access the complete history of their acquisition, destruction or management does not only apply to listed companies that undergo financial audits, but companies of all sizes and activities that simply wish to manage their fixed assets in the most effective and convenient way.

The desired business transparency can be achieved through the Asset Tracking solution, as it provides the necessary conditions to make timely and targeted decisions, regarding shortages or future investments in electronic and electrical equipment, accessories etc. Mobile Technology’s comprehensive solution combines easy to use software (web-based & mobile app) with high-performance hardware, while it can be implemented via AIDC or RFID technology or BLE, custom made to your specific needs.

With Asset Tracking solution by Mobile Technology you enjoy a series of capabilities, like:

• instant access to information regarding the physical location of assets and their assignment, for example to specific individuals
• onsite checking of the company’s assets via handheld terminal
• option to create a new asset, plus all of its properties, like category, model, supplier etc.
• onsite creation of asset identity, simply by printing and affixing a label or RFID tag 
• coded tracking of locations within the company
• beacon usage for the online tracking of assets that move within the company
• inventory of assets with labels or RFID tags

• ability to integrate and update all ERP's with an application of fixed assets register or by entering assets from a list file
• user-friendly web-based software
• record of your assets’ complete history, including imports, exports and maintenance
• automated notifications to administrators with reports of low inventory, expected release etc.
• ability to add more fields for the best possible description of your assets
• implementation of all standard security practices for your data protection, for instance optional digital signatures for the acceptance of assets, back up at every step, graded user roles and permissions etc.

Why choose Asset Tracking by Mobile Technology

• close to real time reconciliation between the real value of the registered fixed assets and the register of the company’s fixed assets
• optimization of your assets’ management and utilization
• timely detection of potential losses, mismanagement issues etc.
• cost savings e.g. for the purchase of unnecessary fixed assets
• more accurate budgeting, due to the holistic overview of your assets
• productivity increase, by providing your personnel with easy access to useful data
• significant reduction of time required for your fixed assets’ annual inventory count

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