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The rapid growth of e-commerce has dramatically increased competition in retail, while the ever-increasing consumer expectations are the ultimate measure of efficiency when it comes to the evaluation of industry’s business processes. Digital transformation is a one-way street, whether we are talking about the warehouse’s competency to fulfill online orders fast or the physical store’s capability to attract more visitors. In Mobile Technology we offer a wide variety of specialized retail solutions, utilizing conventional, as well as cutting-edge technologies.

We design, install and technically support solutions expanding from Supply Chain and Warehouse Inventory all the way to instore shelf replenishment and customer service at check-out. As of 2003, Mobile Technology has installed 9000+ handheld terminals at supermarkets and other retail stores nationally, by providing resistant equipment from the top international manufacturers in competitive prices, plus user-friendly software applications, which are easily integrated to any WMS/ERP’s etc.

Thus, we launch marketing innovation products and promote them in the Greek market; they are designed for the needs of the Future Retail Store, aiming to create an advanced instore experience for contemporary consumers. To maximize their potential, we develop the software applications required, according to your specifications and current advertising campaigns.

With Mobile Technology’s comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge products retailers can benefit in multiple ways, like the following:

• Automated data transfer to your host system, regarding the progress of your personnel’s tasks e.g. scanning during warehouse inventory
• Reduction of human errors and merchandise losses
• Optimization of stock management
• Productivity increase
• Improved performance when promoting special offers, contests and other marketing initiatives
• Profitability growth
• Upgrade of customer service
• Creation of a unique in-store experience for your customers
• Integration of online and in-store services

Depending on the technology and solution that you have chosen, the above-mentioned benefits may vary.

To find out more about the digital transformation of your business processes or the future retail store, contact one of our representatives.

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