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Healthcare is a sector dealing with sensitive issues, like the care and safety of patients which are of the utmost importance and require the best possible coordination between medical teams and/or healthcare institutions. By having immediate access to secure data about patients’ medical history, medications, potential allergies etc. healthcare professionals can provide improved services, whether we are talking about emergency cases or regular admissions to hospitals, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. By having the complete overview of a patient’s health data, healthcare professionals can ask their patients the right questions, reducing possible mistakes during diagnosis and treatment.

Patient Data Management

With the suitable equipment, you can now -among many other things- create patient ID’s fast, as well as record the medications and medical supplies used for each one.
Mobile technology offers specialized products that have been designed and certified for the needs of healthcare, like handheld terminals/PDA’s that withstand the frequent use of disinfectants and/or include antimicrobial additives, so that both the medical personnel using them and patients are protected. In addition, we provide a wide range of receipt/label printers and barcode scanners that will help you improve the efficiency of your business processes.


To manage your inventory productively and avoid losses from expired products or shortages, you need the right software application and hardware. Mobile Technology’s comprehensive solution is compatible with most host systems, while our experience in developing, installing and holistically supporting warehouse solutions is extensive. Read more 

Customer Service and Entertainment

Delays and nervousness are frequent in waiting rooms and receptions, but now you can effectively deal with this phenomenon in the most creative way. The first interactive humanoid robot, Pepper, is ideal to welcome your visitors, offer customer service, spread awareness via informative campaigns, for example about the required protection measures against pandemics, but above all, to entertain kids, as well as adults. Whether we are talking about visitors or admitted patients that need a pleasant companion, Pepper has proven to be extremely popular. 


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