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Manufacturing sector couldn’t possibly remain unaffected by the rapid technological advancements of 4th Industrial Revolution. Nevertheless, its number one priorities haven’t changed; maximization of transparency in processes, as well as the optimization of products’ supervision from production to distribution, are the most efficient ways to reduce costs and downtime losses at the production line for instance; at the same time they increase speed, hence manufacturers’ capability to cover the needs of their customers/market.

Production Line

The extreme environmental conditions usually prevalent within factories, combined with the intensive production pace required, don’t leave room when it comes to selecting hardware. Equipment needs to be fully ruggedized and deliver high performance. In Mobile Technology we offer a wide range of handheld terminals, industrial printers and scanners, designed to remain credible in such conditions, plus friendly to the users, enhancing employees’ safety, flexibility and productivity.

Maintenance and Inspection of Facilities/Equipment

Any disruption in the operation of a factory’s equipment entails costly production delays or even the potential endangerment of employees’ safety. Given that maintenance is the best way to prevent such occurrences, Mobile Technology offers Honeywell Maintenance & Inspection solution to avoid potential expensive damages, while maintaining productivity rates and protecting investment on hardware. The same providence is required for mobile equipment, including handheld terminals, printers etc. which Mobile Technology can fully support technically, being the certified Repair Center of the most popular manufacturers.

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