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Maintenance & Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection (M&I) of equipment is the number one ally for businesses trying to avoid time-consuming and high-cost damages that would jeopardize their operational flow or even human lives. Honeywell Voice M&I solution was designed to cover this need for complete, precise and safely documented inspection and repairs, which is required in industrial plants, truck & fleet, as well as industries like automotive, aerospace, aviation etc.

In Mobile Technology we design, install and technically support holistic solutions able to transform supply chain business processes. Our company was one of the first to introduce Honeywell Voice (formally known as Vocollect) technology to the Greek market, thus become a certified Honeywell Platinum Partner, responsible for corresponding installations in warehouses. Honeywell Voice M&I solution includes a user-friendly application that can be effortlessly integrated in ERPs and other host systems, plus it can be combined with wearable computer devices and headsets for your technicians.

Honeywell Voice Maintenance and Inspection (M&I) solution by Mobile Technology: How does it work


  • Your technicians are guided step by step via voice commands
  • Voice commands are based on predefined inspection lists
  • Users can check images and descriptions from the screen of their wearable computer device
  • Technicians’ verbal comments and responses are converted into text, automatically updating the host system in real time

Advantages of Honeywell’s Voice M&I Solution


  • Increase of technicians’ productivity, enabling them to focus on their main tasks with uninterrupted attention and free hands, released from the need to insert data in their terminals/laptops or to cross things off a checklist manually
  • Upgrade of processes, by eliminating the need to write down information, which was usually implemented after the inspection was completed
  • Minimization of errors and omissions, due to the fact that technical tasks are guided and registered step by step
  • Optimization of technical tasks’ documentation
  • Guaranteed consistency, quality and compliance with standard operating procedures
  • Enhancement of employee safety
  • Modernization of user/technician experience and faster personnel training


If you wish to find out how Honeywell’s Voice M&I solution by Mobile Technology can be applied to your business, please contact one of our representatives


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