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Experiential Marketing

How to create a unique experience for your customers

The radical technological developments of 4th Industrial Evolution and the continuous flow of information create a challenge for businesses that wish to differentiate themselves from competition and retain customer loyalty. Experiential marketing is on the rise because it fulfills the need of companies to provide a unique experience that will be imprinted on the memory of their customers and visitors.
Mobile Technology offers marketing innovation solutions that can benefit businesses from different sectors – like hotels, health centers, restaurants, bars and other such venues, advertising and production agencies, as well as exhibition organizers and event planning companies.

Our specialized products are highly recognized across the globe, and some of them have even received innovation awards: Pepper NAO

Multiple Benefits from Mobile Technology’s Marketing Innovation solutions

• Interaction amongst brand and visitors through a unique experience
• New opportunities for increased customer engagement via social media sharing, positive reviews etc.
• Enhancement of brand awareness and positioning
• Attraction of new customers and prolonged stay in store
• Creative promotion and sampling
• Increase in turnover and profits
• Implementation of multiple marketing activities and easy adaptations according to your targets – e.g. contests, games, promotion of special offers, launch of new products etc.
• Differentiation from competition

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