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Public Sector

Public and Broader Public Sector face a wide spectrum of needs, to which Mobile Technology responds with its equally broad range of solutions and products, addressing multiple needs, like processes’ digital transformation, efficiency enhancement of existing control systems, improvement of citizens’ service, plus overall transparency.

Parking Violation Control

To accurately record violations, check on data and implement any kind of process where data exchange is a prerequisite, Municipalities or other entities involved need to maintain instant and secure connectivity between their host system and the mobile devices used by their employees. Mobile Technology has been cooperating with the Municipality of Athens for numerous years now, by providing the required equipment for data entry and edit, plus for violation tickets’ printing.


The volume of documents included in the archives of Public and Broader Public Sector is extensive, therefore its efficient management requires automated processes to track the location and movements of physical files. Mobile Technology’s comprehensive solution provides complete control, hence protection, of these documents; Depending on the needs of each entity or organization, implementation is based either on conventional barcode technology or RFID.

Customer Service

Queues are met more than often in public sector facilities and this is where Pepper steps in as a creative solution to deal with this phenomenon. This interactive humanoid robot can serve and at the same time entertain citizens, while with the right software application it can also be utilized to conduct surveys, promote informative campaigns etc.

In addition, to serve at the help desk or entrance of public spaces using a ticketing system, we offer a wide range of products, like barcode scanners, receipt/label printers etc.

If you wish to find out more about Mobile Technology’s most suitable products and solutions for your organization, please contact one of our representatives.