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Digital Time Attendance

The digital job card implementation and simultaneous update of the Ergani system are now mandatory for all Greek companies. This is why Mobile Technology developed a Digital Time Attendance solution that meets the requirements set by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and additionally, enables businesses to manage the time of their personnel in the most efficient way.

The Time Attendance solution of Mobile Technology includes:

-a software application (standalone or combined with HRM systems)

-checking-in attendance hardware of your preference

-digital job cards for your employees

The Time Attendance solution supports all technologies available, i.e. barcode, QR Code, RFID, as well as smartphone wallet applications, giving you flexibility to choose the one most suitable. This means that you can use our application, without replacing your existing hardware or other unnecessary expenses.

Detailed capabilities that our Time Attendance solution offers

1) Through the checking-in attendance hardware:

• Registration of the employees’ check-in/check-out time, followed by real time updates to the Ergani system, simply by scanning their digital job card
• option to enter additional information, like break, return from a visit to a customer, urgent departure due to illness, business trips, remote working etc. (by the employee himself)

2) Through the client app:

• update Ergani system with data from the employees' census and digital work time management
• overview of your employees’ time attendance, including all branches/offices
• options to filter data, for instance shifts per branch
• reports of history data that have been submitted to the Ergani system
• detailed reports (in excel), for example for your external associates who are responsible for the payroll
• overdue submittance of employees’ check-in/check-out time, when technical problems, like server down, blocked in time data transmission to the Ergani system


Additional benefits for your business

• Full compliance with the law 4808/2021
• Decrease bureaucracy and human mistakes caused by using printed forms for absence, sick leave etc.
• Paper savings and minimization of environmental impact
• Avoidance of double entries due to the application’s capability to connect with HRM systems
• Improved personnel management and assessment

To find out more details, contact one of our representatives