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White Papers

Since 2003, Mobile Technology has been designing, installing and technically supporting comprehensive solutions that transform business processes, using conventional and cutting-edge technologies based on your needs.

Here you may find white papers reaching insightful conclusions, plus suggesting solutions to hot supply chain & logistics topics that concern businesses all over the world.

Improving Accuracy, Efficiency and Patient Safety in the National Health Service (Source Datalogic)

Breakthrough Robotics Empowering Distribution Centers (Source Honeywell) 

Future Proofing with Mobility Edge (Source Honeywell)

2020 Pandemic outbreak calls for extremely safe and efficient working environments (Source Datalogic)

Tough Choice: Rugged or Consumer? (Source Honeywell)

A Wearable Revolution in Distribution Centers (Source Honeywell)

If you didn’t find a solution to the challenge your business is facing or if you need to consult a specialist in order to implement it, contact one of our experienced consultants.